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Risks & Opportunities in the Renewable Energy Transition

The Challenge:

  • With ambitious renewable energy targets set – Grundfos, a leading European pump manufacturer, wanted to gain a full view of the potential risks and opportunities across local divisions – thus ensuring alignment of its strategy across the global operational footprint.
  • Grundfos needed to agree on company-specific renewable energy criteria, and build a prioritized overview of opportunities available, to support performance against its existing target and formulate new goals for 2025 onwards.

The Solution:

  • act renewable took a staged approach; with an emphasis on early stakeholder involvement to agree on the preferred criteria, specific to Grundfos’ business activities.
  • This criteria was used to define an overall view of risks and opportunities, form prioritisations and ultimately support Grundfos build a strategy to progress in accordance with its renewable energy ambitions.

Our Approach

We supported in aligning on the objectives of the renewable energy transition with internal stakeholders to formulate a clear definition of success criteria.

Conducting technology and financial assessments enabled an understanding of renewable energy feasibility across locations, mapping opportunities against targets and ambitions.

Finally delivering a clear prioritisation of opportunities according to Grundfos-specific predefined criteria and ensuring best-practice procurement methodologies to deliver the optimal renewable energy solutions.

An expert-guided and collaborative approach allowed Grundfos to deepen understanding and alignment on company-specific needs, risks and opportunities found in renewable energy. This then built the foundation of a fully-informed transition strategy.