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Carbon Reduction Roadmap

The Challenge:

  • HWASEUNG Enterprise is a Korean headquartered industry leading footwear, headwear, apparel and textile manufacturer in the Sporting Goods industry.  
  • A key supplier to multiple global brands, HWASEUNG appreciates the key role it plays in ensuring sustainable manufacturing and driving environmental stewardship within its sector.
  • Knowing the positive impact a decarbonisation and a renewable energy strategy could deliver to its business, HWASEUNG needed to visualize its areas of improvement and implement specific solutions in order to meet its ambitious targets.

The Solution:

  • act renewable supported in identifying technical and financially feasible solutions for HWASEUNG, gathering a deep understanding of the business case as well as the carbon  reduction potential of installing solar rooftops across its operation.
  • HWASEUNG was able to make informed decisions, with a clear view of emission reduction potential across implementation scenarios.
  • We then supported on the go-to-market approach to evaluate proposals from developers, manage negotiations, ultimately supporting them to select the solution best-fitted to their business and emission reduction goals.

Our Approach

  • Insights & Initial Engagement – we helped HWASEUNG with establishing a carbon inventory,  understand its footprint, set its ambition level, scope, and focus.
  • Commitment – a reporting methodology was defined, and specific targets were set.
  • Strategy – an emissions gap analysis was conducted to help define a strategy for the transition and a prioritization model ranking decarbonisation instruments.
  • Roadmap – we helped to structure a roadmap with a clear timeline and defined solutions fitting to HWASEUNG’s business.
  • Execution – We helped HWASEUNG carry out a full solar rooftop procurement process for some of its manufacturing sites, developing Request for Proposals, on-site visits, technical & financial reports, and supporting overseeing contracting with the chosen developer.

A full assessment of HWASEUNG Enterprise’s renewable energy strategy for carbon emission reduction formed the basis of  a detailed roadmap, progressed the implementation of on-site solar and has positioned HWASEUNG as a sustainability leader in its sector.