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act renewable Roadmap

With our act renewable Roadmap, we support companies as they navigate the evolving landscape of renewable energy. Think of each stage as a waypoint on the journey. Companies may find themselves at different stages on the map, depending on the ground they have already covered. We can help identify what stage they are at and outline their path to a renewable energy future. We offer a series of sequenced services that ensure renewable energy challenges are addressed in a commercially rigorous manner.

Mapping the Complex Terrain

We understand that companies face multi-dimensional challenges when making the transition to renewable energy. The act renewable Roadmap is designed to help companies systematically manage three major themes that we believe are critical to a successful renewable energy transition.

Business Case

Ensuring renewable energy supports a company’s commercial strategy


Selecting the optimal mix of technology across a company’s operations


Taking advantage of the huge range of financing options for renewable technology

And it is good for business

A company benefits from making the transition to renewable energy in multiple ways. In addition to decreasing their environmental impact, these include reduced direct costs and financial risks associated with a traditional dependence on fossil fuels, as well as an enhanced reputation with investors and customers, who are keen to see the company meet high sustainability standards.