webinar_ How to develop a Customized Renewable Energy strategy with the Transition Toolkit 

Join us for our upcoming webinar and discover how your business can build a tailored renewable energy strategy that is fit-for-purpose, in a simple and easy way.

Is your business struggling to chart a clear path towards building a renewable energy (RE) roadmap?

Renewable Energy is becoming a central part of most companies’ response to climate change, with regard to both their own carbon footprint, as well as their suppliers’. However, with ever-changing policies, evolving local regulations, and differing availabilities of Renewable Energy solutions across countries t can be complex and challenging to navigate. act renewable recently launched its renewable energy digital platform: the Transition Toolkit. The platform is designed to empower your business to navigate the complex renewable energy markets with confidence, ease, and precision, through a simple and visual format.

Join us for our upcoming webinar and discover how your business can build a tailored renewable energy strategy that is fit-for-purpose, in a simple and easy way. Access market specific data, expert insights, and policy know-how, to help your business understand the availability and feasibility of renewable energy technologies in a chosen country or region.

Key Event Highlights:

• What it takes to develop a current and fit-for-purpose Renewable Energy strategy and roadmap using the Transition Toolkit
• How to leverage the Transition Toolkit to overcome common challenges faced when building a Renewable Energy Transition strategy in Asia
• A step-by-step demo of the Transition Toolkit
• Recommended next steps for your Renewable Energy transition
• Q&A opportunity

This webinar is suitable for:

• Corporates and supply chains that have RE targets and/or are looking into RE solutions to decarbonize their business.
• Corporates looking to understand the inputs required to develop an integrated RE Roadmap across multiple countries.
• Businesses looking to remain current with renewable energy market insights and regulations .
• Companies looking for a more efficient, affordable and automated approach to develop and update their RE strategy.

You’ll walk away with; a solid understanding of how to develop a RE strategy for your business using the Transition Toolkit, up to date renewable energy market insights, and to gain complimentary access to the Transition Toolkit.

Key Details:

Date: Tuesday 10th October 2023

Time: 10am (GMT+1) / 3pm (GMT +7)

Speakers Profile

Trang Nguyen, Senior Manager, Team Lead for Advisory Services in Asia

Trang heads up the act renewable team in Asia and is responsible for business development and managing our service delivery for key clients across the region. Her engineering background and a high level of interest in the renewable energy field gives her the tools to deliver impactful work for many global corporates. She has over seven years of experience in renewable energy policy advice and promoting low emission energy solutions to industries in Southeast Asian countries. Trang has a deep understanding of the renewable energy challenges that corporates face supporting them with high-quality services focused on low-carbon and renewable energy transitions, to deliver and execute on ambitious emission reduction targets.

Sabrina Faber, Senior Project Manager, Team Lead for Strategy and Innovations

Sabrina leads the act renewable Strategy team and is responsible for the continuous development of our services in response to the needs of clients. Supported by her background in utility-scale and rooftop solar projects, and deep practical experience in the corporate renewable energy market across Europe and Asia, Sabrina is an expert in devising practical approaches to solving the challenges corporates face when planning and implementing renewable energy solutions. Sabrina manages and oversees various renewable energy strategy and implementation processes for multinational corporates, spanning different sectors all over the globe.

Jorge Estremadoyro, Project Manager, Strategy and Innovations

Jorge has worked in different sectors of the energy industry, conducting academic research, managing and consulting across major projects in Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America. Jorge has an MSc in Renewable Energy Engineering and Management and within act renewable he leads the digitalization of products and services, managing key clients within the strategy . Jorge is a key force behind the ideation and execution of the Transition Toolkit with an instrumental understanding of how it can best support businesses on the RE Journey.

Webinar Q&A
Could you provide an overview of the Transition Toolkit?

Transtion Toolkit can support you to build your customized and updated RE strategy at a low cost. Market review provides you with an overview of what can be done in the country and provides specific technology information for next steps. The strategy assessment feature supports a company to identify its priorities and how much it can save (in terms of money and emissions).

How does the Transition Toolkit empower companies to make informed decisions about their renewable energy transition?

Knowledge is the key to the renewable energy transition. Our tool provides exactly that in terms of technology availability and identifying key considerations within your company. Traditional methods of market reviews are exhustive and general, the toolkit helps your business build customized and fast reports on RE Markets, RE electricity solutions, and stratetgy assesments.

How does the transition toolkit enable businesses to independently develop their renewable energy strategy at their own pace?

The toolkit provides updated knowledge and direction as a starting point. At act renewable can help you with using these reports to build roadmaps for adoption of RE on a corporate level. At act renewable we handhold our clients from delivering insights to building their RE Strategy and ultimately realization of their Renewable Energy Transition.

Join us to learn more and stay ahead of the curve in the renewable energy space

Want to know more? Reach out to the team for support in accelerating the corporate renewable energy transition:  contact@actrenewable.net

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