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The transition toolkit is a digital platform that empowers companies to make informed decisions about starting on their renewable energy transition.
By providing access to market specific data, policy and developer know-how, our tool helps businesses understand the availability and feasibility of renewable energy technologies in their chosen country or region. By leveraging site-specific data and business-specific priorities, the platform builds a high-level renewable energy transition plan, providing a prioritized overview of technology options based on the company’s individual operational profile and strategic objectives.
Use the transition toolkit as an expert starting point for your renewable energy journey and take the first step towards implementation.

How it works

The transition toolkit is an expert-driven selection of services that provides companies with valuable insights and guidance as they begin their renewable energy journey.
With a simple and user-friendly interface, the toolkit offers two key components to help businesses make informed decisions and take action towards achieving their renewable energy goals.

Component 1: Renewable Energy Market Review

The Market Review, offers a succinct overview of a country or region’s renewable energy options, regulations, and policies. Using relevant market data, the Review provides a point-in-time understanding of the feasibility of different renewable energy options and explains why certain options may be more or less viable. Currently, the tool offers market reviews for 14 Asian countries and regions.

Component 2: Renewable Energy Strategy Assessment

The second component, Strategy Assessment, delivers an initial renewable energy transition strategy tailored to the user’s specific needs. Based on the user’s market of interest, annual electricity consumption, and decision-making criteria, the tool provides three key solutions to help inform the user of the most appropriate options. The strategy assessment includes emissions savings values, high-level financial considerations, an indication of implementation complexity and the outlook for renewable energy in the chosen target market.

Benefits & Outcomes

After purchasing a license, users can expect to benefit from the following within 2 business days:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the renewable energy opportunities, regulations and policies, and key financial data for a specific country or region.
  • Data drawn from reliable sources that is relevant to the corporate market, providing an accurate snapshot of the current state of renewable energy in the chosen market.
  • A tailored and geographically focused strategy contextualized by an organization’s electricity consumption and data.
  • Clarity around the investment, payback periods and emission reduction forecasts if one of the recommended strategies are implemented.
  • An indication of implementation complexity and the renewable energy outlook in the chosen target market.
  • Access to an up-to-date market intelligence database
  • A user-friendly and self-paced interactive tool that gives users the flexibility to start on their own renewable energy strategy development independently.
  • Expert guidance and support through our dedicated support channel
  • After using the Transition Tool businesses are empowered to make strategic decisions and advance their renewable energy journey with confidence

A Three-Step Process

The Transition Toolkit is designed to be as user-friendly as possible and requires just three inputs from the user.

Who is the Transition Toolkit for?

♦  Companies in the early stages of their renewable energy transition journey, looking to explore and understand their options
♦  Businesses that have already made progress in their renewable energy journey but are looking to expand into new markets and want to understand the opportunities available to them
♦  Organizations managing multiple sites and feeling overwhelmed by the challenge of coordinating a renewable energy transition across multiple locations
♦  Businesses seeking a quick and accurate snapshot of the renewable energy markets they are considering, without wasting time, money or effort
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which countries and regions are included in the Transition Toolkit?

We currently cover the following countries / regions and are constantly adding to this portfolio in Asia.

  • China – Guangdong
  • China – Zhejiang
  • China – Jiangsu
  • Bangladesh
  • Indonesia
  • Cambodia
  • Malaysia
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • India – Karnataka
  • India – Maharashtra
  • India – Tamil Nadu

If you are looking for a country or region that is not on the list please contact us at: support@actrenewable.net

Is the information and market-specific data up to date?

The RE Market Assessment tool is continually updated with the latest country-specific data regarding regulations, the renewable energy technologies that are available, and financial information including investment, payback, and annual financial savings.

The data used are from a variety of sources including knowledge and insights from key players in the market such as BayWa RE Asia, GIZ, and public information from the likes of Wood MacKenzie, Bloomberg and IRENA.

What sort of information do I need to provide about the business?

You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Your country of interest
  • Your yearly electricity consumption for each selected country or region
  • Your decision-making criteria prioritization

Can I not find all this information online?

Renewable energy markets are notoriously complex which is why we developed the Transition Toolkit. There is a lot of misleading and variable data sources in the market and this tool supports users to cut through the myriad of data points available online, giving you assurance that the data is up to date, relevant and appropriate for the corporate market.

The Transition Toolkit also tailors strategy recommendations based on your priorities, leaning on expert input by leaders in the sector.

How long does it take to receive the RE Market Review and Strategy Assessment?

You will get access to your RE Market Review and bespoke Strategy Assessment within 2-days of signing up to the Transition Toolkit.

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