The Challenge

Transitioning to renewable energy is an integral part of any corporate carbon reduction ambition and increasingly a board-level priority. We help clients meet ambitious renewable energy goals to  progress sustainability commitments via corporate PPAs, at the same time enhancing budget visibility and mitigating the impact of exposure to energy price volatility.

Explore your PPA Opportunity

 Understand the path to planning and implementing PPAs by reaching out to our PPA Advisory team here.

Why Corporates Sign PPAs?

A Power Purchase Agreement is long-term bilateral agreement, between a renewable energy supplier and a corporate buyer or ‘offtaker’, in which buyer can purchase the renewable energy produced by the power plant along with renewable energy certificates, known as Guarantees of Origin (RECs or GoOs).

Bundling the procurement of electricity together with GoOs is a compelling reason for corporates to demonstrate sustainability credentials, protect against market volatility and enable them to ‘hedge’ the electricity spend – in other words to fix this across an extended period, to simplify their budgeting.

What we offer our Clients

  • An agile approach with data-backed recommendations, extensive market experience and client-centric advisory to ensure PPA ambitions are realized.  
  • An informed understanding of what a PPA means for our clients’ business in order to facilitate streamlined decision making, key stakeholder alignment and strategic positioning in a competitive PPA market. 
  • Independent advisory, without incentive, referral or conflicting interests regarding process or outcome. 

How We Can Support

PPA Readiness Workshops

PPA Roadmaps/ Strategy Advisory

Negotiation Support/ Transaction Advisory

Post Signing Services



Case Studies


Identifying, negotiating and signing Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for global pioneer in pump solutions and water technologies

Hereaus Precious Metals

PPA Advisory Support on the German Market for global leader in the precious metals business

ST Microelectronics

PPA Advisory Support to build two windfarms in Italy for world leader in semiconductor solutions

Meet our PPA Advisory Team

Katharina Winter

Katharina Winter

Head of PPA Advisory Services

Pieter van der Meulen

Pieter van der Meulen

Senior Project Manager, PPA Advisory services

Emma Foot

Emma Foot

Senior Commercial Manager, PPA Advisory Services

Juan Antonio Ortolá Cano

Juan Antonio Ortolá Cano

Project Manager, PPA Advisory Services

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