Develop a Renewable Energy Strartegy with the Transition Toolkit 

act renewable recently launched its renewable energy digital platform: the Transition Toolkit. The Transition Toolkit is designed to empower your business to navigate the complex renewable energy markets with confidence, ease, and precision, through a simple and visual format.

In this webinar, they helped corporates discover how their business can build a tailored renewable energy strategy that is fit-for-purpose, in a simple and easy way. 

Renewable Energy is becoming a central part of most companies’ response to climate change, with regard to both their own carbon footprint, as well as their suppliers’. However, with ever-changing policies, evolving local regulations, and differing availabilities of Renewable Energy solutions across countries it can be complex and challenging to navigate.

Is your business struggling to chart a clear path towards building a renewable energy (RE) roadmap? In our recent Webinar, the team at act renewable give key insights to help corporates develop a Customized Renewable Energy Strategy with the Transition Toolkit. 

How can the Transition Toolkit support your renewable energy strategy?

    1. Availability of Renewable Energy Options:

    Understand the availability and viability of different types of RE sources in a specific region or location when building your RE strategy. Whether it’s solar, wind, hydro, or other sources, it will be different for each business and each market.

    2. Business Priorities & Decision-Making Criteria:  

    Understanding your organization’s sustainability goals, cost-saving objectives, and regulatory obligations is crucial. Prioritizing these criteria in your RE strategy will better reflect your market and environmental impact in line with your company’s vision and capability.

    3. Consumption & Technology Alignment:

    Efficiently matching your energy consumption patterns with the most appropriate renewable technologies optimizes strategy effectiveness.

    How to Develop a Renewable Energy strategy with the Transition Toolkit – Part 1
    How can the Transition Toolkit support your renewable energy strategy?
      •  Clarity: The Transition Toolkit is your solution for navigating the different RE markets. It seamlessly combines RE availability, energy consumption, and your priorities to provide a tailored RE strategy to accelerate the first steps in your transition.
      • Speed & Precision: Designed for businesses of all sizes, the toolkit streamlines your transition journey without the burden of extensive GHG data collection. It empowers both SMEs and corporations with up-to-date market information and customized guidance based on your location and unique considerations.
      •  Simplify Decision-Making: This easy-to-use solution helps simplify your decision-making process and helps you allocate your resources wisely. 
      Transition Toolkit Walkthrough – Part 2
      Webinar Q&A
      What sources are used?

      We have people on the ground in Asia who are constantly checking and following the regulations and on top use publicly available information from governments and institutions in the RE sector. 

      What countries are covered? I have operations/ suppliers in countries like Turkey and Guatemala – are these included in the toolkit?

      As of now the Toolkit vovers 16 markets/countries in Asia. Several countries n europe will be introduced soon. If there is a market you are intrested in but is not on the toolkits map, please enquire anyway,  act renewable has global expertise and international access to market insights. 

      What sort of information do I need to provide about my business?

      You will be asked to provide the following information:

      • Your country of interest
      • Your yearly electricity consumption for each selected country or region
      • Your decision-making criteria prioritization
      • VAT-ID for purchasing a license
      Can I find all this information online?

      Renewable energy markets are notoriously complex which is why we developed the Transition Toolkit. There is a lot of misleading and variable data sources in the market and this tool supports users to cut through the myriad of data points available online, giving you assurance that the data is up to date, relevant and appropriate for the corporate market.

      The Transition Toolkit also tailors strategy recommendations based on your priorities, leaning on expert input by leaders in the sector.

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